Friday, October 28, 2011

Why The Postings Came Down

Recently, I posted two articles in response to a recent story in the San Jose Mercury News regarding female firefighters in San Jose Fire Department.  I was asked by an "anonymous" reader why I took them down.  The reader suggested that if I did so because of political pressure, then my blog would no longer be creditable and he/she would be right.  The truth is however, as soon as I posted those two articles, I received a nasty little virus on my computer and had to run two different scans to get rid of it. 

Now before anyone starts thinking that somehow someone involved in the article may have had something to do with this, hold on because that is most likely untrue.  First, I never received any pressure from anyone to rescind the articles, and secondly, since I have started blogging, I seem to be the target of these things more and more which is why I try and maintain high security on the computer, but as some of you may know, it often times can be a uphill battle.

Fortunately I back up my files on a regular basis and when I have time if anyone really cares anyway, I will repost them on a new post.   In any case, rest assured to the retirees who do read this, I won't hesitate to write what is on my mind and try to keep those (especially those who don't live in the area)informed about what is going on around here.    All I can leave you with at this point is I hope everyone is healthy and living the good life and if you happen to live anywhere but California, consider yourself lucky at the moment. 

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Paul Sprague
Class of 83'

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