Friday, October 28, 2011

Smoking and the Elderly

Antioch, California:

A 73 year old man is in critical condition after being rescued from his burning apartment by Contra Costa County firefighters early this morning.  The fire, reported at 12:37 a.m., was located in an apartment complex in the 200 block of Robert Street in the City of Antioch.  Fire Investigators state the unidentified elderly man discarded a cigarette in a paper waste basket next to the chair he fell asleep in.  The victim has been taken to a local burn unit with life-threatening injuries.

This is a reminder to talk with your elderly parents, relatives or other loved ones about the hazards of smoking, particularly inside the home or while in bed.  If they are ambulatory, try to encourage them to smoke outside and discard the smoking materials in a metal container.  If that is not possible, provide them with metal trash cans with self-closing metal lids inside the home.  

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