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Halloween and Megan's Law

More Than Little Ghosts and Goblins Out There This Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, parents are barraged with many great tips on how to keep their children safe on a night where our neighborhoods are besieged with witches and goblins begging for tricks or treats.  From having adequate lighting to fireproof costumes, everyone from community groups to cops and firefighters are staging campaigns to keep our children safe on our streets and in our neighborhoods.  However, spooks and skeletons are not the only thing scary lurking in your neighborhoods. Rarely discussed in households during this time old tradition is the fact sexual predators do not take Halloween off.  They are still out there living in your neighborhoods and working in your communities, and according to the law, they have every right to be there, but that doesn’t mean you do not have the right to know where they reside, hence Megan’s Law.

Megan’s Law

Megan Kanka

Megan’s Law, a package of seven bills sponsored by Paul Kramer-(R) of New Jersey, passed one month after seven-year old Megan Kanka was murdered by a registered sex offender who was living across the street from the Kanka’s home with four other sex offenders.  I believe Megan’s Law will go down as one of the most important pieces of legislature ever passed for the good and welfare of the public in our countries history. 



A Word of Warning

The information I’m about to share with you is public record.  The material is available to anyone who wishes to access it.  However, citizens have gotten into trouble with the law not because they accessed the information, but because of what they did with the information once they had it.  Keep in mind that it is a crime to use the information disclosed on these sites to commit a misdemeanor or a felony.  It may also be a crime to share this information with anyone other than the person at risk, meaning your child.  However, you may pass on the information here or the website addresses to anyone you wish, so long as those individuals obtain the information for themselves.  Just remember that the information is there for your safety and the safety of your family, so as long as you keep in house, you are within the law. 

Section 290 P.C.

This section requires certain sex offenders to register with local law enforcement responsible for the jurisdiction in which they reside within 5 working days of their birthday, and within 5 working days of a change of address.  For more details, see Section 290 of the California Penal Code.

Megan’s Law and the California State Attorney General’s Office will provide you with information on over 60,000 registered sex offenders in the State of California; home addresses of more than 33,500 offenders are available as well on the site.

San Jose Police Department’s Megan’s Law Unit will provide you with information on registered sex offenders in your neighborhood.  Click on the “Search For Registered Sex Offenders In Your Neighborhood” button and then follow the directions.

You may also reach the unit at (408) 277-4290  (As of this posting, I cannot confirm if the unit is still activated given the budget situation in San Jose but the website is still functioning) 

We at Crosshair Fire Investigations and Safety Consultants wish you and your family a safe and fun Halloween.  Please be responsible for the information and use it as it was intended by the spirit of the law. 

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