Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fire Watch

Child trapped in house fire

Alabama- An eight year old girl died of smoke inhalation after being trapped in their second floor bedroom.  The victim and her nine-year old sister had moved a table lamp on the floor next to their beds and had covered it with a blanket to dim the light.  The hot bulb from the light ignited the blanket and other bed furnishings and trapped the two juveniles in their bedroom.  The mother was able to rescue her nine-year old, but couldn't get to her younger daughter.

I had seen this same event several times during my career.  Fortunately no one was killed, but children do this often, especially those studious ones who want to read after lights out.  Now that this is Fire Prevention Week, make a point to talk with your children about the dangers of this and other actions that could start a fire like playing with matches or lighters.  And of course, impress on them that if there is a fire, alert everyone in the house and get out immediately even if it means you may get in trouble. 

Although it doesn't say in the safety alert I received, I suspect the reason this little girl didn't make it was because of a delay in reporting the fire.  More than likely the two sisters attempted to put out the fire first but became disoriented from the smoke and were unable to even get out of their bedroom.  The report did say the home had working smoke detectors and they did operate on the second floor which sould serve as a reminder that you must get out as soon as you hear the smoke alarm.  Remember, it is more often than not that smoke will kill you in a fire before the flames ever reach you. 

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